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Capoeira 101 | Ginga

Capoeira 101 – Ginga

The Ginga will be (or should be!) your most practiced move in Capoeira. It should be smooth, yet strong, agile and unpredictable. You begin by starting a neutral position (cadeira or pararela as called by some) and bringing your right leg back with your right arm forward. As you bring your right leg back to the neutral position, you then repeat the same step to the other side. Your foot positioning should form a triangular shape on the ground (or a “V”) with the arm raised to protect your face on the same side as the leg that is going back. Be sure to not cross your back leg (forming an “X” rather than a “V”) and to keep your feet, knees, hips and shoulders always facing forward. Your knees should stay bent, keeping you low to escape from kicks and to allow for explosive reactions.


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