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Capoeira 101 | 3 Types of Armada

Capoeira 101 | 3 Types of Armada

⋈ Armada ⋈

In this video we show you how to do a Capoeira kick called Armada in 3 differente ways ranging from beginner to advanced. At Capoeira Bamba, Armada is one of the 5 Basic Capoeira Kicks.

It’s a kick that takes time to perfect and become good at. Balance, height of kick and speed are 3 things to pay attention to.

– Balance | because of the rotation of the kick many people kick while off balance or lose their balance at the end of the kick. Be sure to fully rotate your upper body BEFORE releasing the kick. Check your balance at the end in your Ginga position as well.
– Height | you should be able to kick as high as your head, altho sometimes the kick can be done much lower.
– Speed | almost all kicks in Capoeira can be executed at different speeds. Work on this kick fast AND slow as sometimes slow requires even more balance and will help you with control.

An armada is a spinning kick also described as a spinning outside crescent kick. he striking surface is usually the outside blade of the kicking foot. A queixada and armada are executed in exactly the same way with the exception of the armada beginning with a step to the right or left before releasing the kick. The power of the armada actually comes from the torque placed on the hips from the spin.

After stepping across the body (to the right or left) at around 45 degrees, the hips are spun while the arms are up to protect from punches or other kicks. Once there is enough torque, the kicking leg is “released” rather than kicked. This leg goes around in the same motion as a queixada until the kicking leg has finished its arc all the way back or parallel to the other foot.


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