we are bamba!

but what does it mean?

Meaning of "bamba"

Adjective:  a popularly used brazilian expression to designate a person who is an expert in a particular subject; someone who is very good at what he/she does; Bamba is a courageous, brave and determined individual, a bambambã.

From Quimbundo language of African tribes;
mbamba, excellence, master.

our mission

our mission is to have a positive influence in our team member’s life, mood, confidence and overall state. Every class you must aim to positively affect at least ONE person, whether it be with a handshake, a hug, a smile, or words encouraging them to push harder and not give up. It is our responsibility to make each other leave class feeling BETTER than we did when we walked in.

We train hard and push each other to be stronger,
physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Our Belt System

Capoeira Bamba utilizes a belt system to acknowledge the growth of the capoeira student. The belt is known as “corda”, or cord, and is presented to the student during an event called the Batizado (baptism). This is an event that celebrates the Brazilian culture through dances and music and where students can progress through the belt system. 

Adult Belt System
Teen's Belt System
(13-17yrs old)
Kid's Belt System
(3-12yrs old)
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our team

our team was built based on what makes Capoeira an unique art: a mix between african, indigenous and brazilian culture. we strive to build on what Capoeira was intended for; a fight for freedom, expression and empowerment.
Team Capoeira Bamba is modern and forward looking, built to empower the people that love the art of capoeira, while never forgetting our ancestors who fought to keep it alive to this day!