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Mestrando Paraiba

Mestrando Paraiba

– Founder of Team Capoeira Bamba
– Owner & Main Instructor of Capoeira Bamba Toronto

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Mestrando Paraiba, was born in São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil. In 1991, he migrated to Canada with his mother and in 1996, at the age of 12, discovered Capoeira. ‘Paraiba’ immediately fell in love with the art and began his training with Mestre Barrão, who he continued to train with until 2019. During that time, and at the age of 14, after moving numerous times between cities in Canada and Brazil, ‘Paraiba’ decided to dedicate his life to Capoeira. He moved back to Vancouver to live and train with Mestre Barrão for the next 3 years. In 2001, Mestre Barrão awarded Paraiba with his ‘Monitor’ belt. Monitor Paraiba then returned to Toronto and started a teaching Capoeira classes in Mississauga at the young age of 17. In May 2006,  at just 21 years old, Instrutor Paraiba opened Toronto’s first Capoeira academy. In March 2009, Paraiba was awarded his Professor belt by his Mestre.

Paraiba has participated in countless Capoeira events, workshops, and performances in Brazil, Canada, Colombia, USA, Russia, Ukraine, and Mexico and has also competed in Mixed Martial Arts Competitions. Professor Paraiba continues to travel and train as much as possible and strives to better himself, his skills, knowledge, and all students of Team Capoeira Bamba. In his teachings, he strives to train individuals to be “complete” capoeiristas who are versed in all aspects of the game; fight, dance, history, culture, music and language.

Today, Mestrando Paraiba runs the 9x award-winning school for Top Capoeira Group in the GTA. Capoeira Bamba Toronto’s success is greatly due to its continual growth and development of new projects for both the school and its students. Classes and performances continue to be in high demand throughout the GTA and surrounding cities. To catch one of Mestrando Paraiba’s classes or performances, call Capoeira Bamba Toronto at 647-340-2293.

Mestrando Paraiba in Action

Mestrando Paraiba teaches from this Location:

Capoeira Bamba Toronto

1069 St. Clair Ave W. 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON – M6E 1A6
Phone 647.340.2293

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